Arduino Smart-Farm Kit

 In this kit we will make an gardening system to take care of my sweet plant.

 Recommended age : 9 years of age or older 

 Programming : C++, Arduino                                             

 Subjects : SW, Maker, Science, Society

 "In this lesson, we will explore the essential areas of smart farming that are crucial for our present and future, as well as learn how to create a small smart farm using Arduino technology to promote plant growth."


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This kit is suitable for those 

who are new to learning Arduino.

It includes a project that allows you to learn the basics of Arduino and various modules such as LCD, temperature and humidity sensors, and how to operate a smart farm.

You can experience the fun of building 

and programming through the Smart Farm Kit.

It includes a wooden frame and various sensors and control boards to build a smart farm. You can experience the principles of a smart farm through DIY assembly and algorithm learning.

BPLAB Smart Farm Kit comes with 

a complete set of instructions.

This includes video materials, 3D interactive viewers to follow detailed instructions, real photos, and how to program your board once it is finished. 

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w. Arduino Smart Farm Kit

A project to create a plant growth environment with Arduino and various sensor modules. 

  SmartFarm Kit, Computer

  9 years of age or older 

   6-8 hour


Arduino Smart Farm Kit

Arduino SmartFarm Download

Arduino SmartFarm Video